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San Diego Amusements is a small family-run business that sells, services, and repairs pinballs, amusements, and coin-operated arcade machines. Each day we do what we love and are experts in our field. We are a family run business and provide a level of personal service and attention that no other pinball and amusement company can provide.

A common question from our customers is why they should buy from us; our answer: is the personal attention you will receive every time you call. The owner will personally answer the phones, eliminating waiting on hold and navigating through lengthy directories. From selecting the perfect pinball machine for your family to troubleshooting issues over the phone, we stay on the phone with you as long as it takes to help you. We pride ourselves on building personal relationships with every customer. Pinball machines are complex and will eventually require service and maintenance. Once you buy one of our pinball machines, you are part of the San Diego Amusement family. We will always be available to provide technical support via telephone, email, mobile technician, or in-shop service. 

The owner, Aaron, started as a pinball and classic arcade collector in his youth. Aaron turned his passion into a business. Next door to the San Diego Amusements’ Showroom is Aaron’s bar, Brewskis. Here we host Pinball tournaments and have fun classics for everyone to enjoy. Our experience and love for the arcade world help us seek the best examples of each game we sell. We have built a nationwide network of collectors, friends, and clients that allows us to find just about any pinball or arcade machine title.

We are the only brick-and-mortar authorized distributor in San Diego for Stern Pinball Inc and Raw Thrills. We offer local in-home ground delivery and set-up for all new and used pinball machines. 

We will go out of our way to make your experience run smoothly if you have a particular need, whether a specific deadline or a surprise gift.

At San Diego Amusements, you will never get lost in the shuffle. Buying high-dollar machines online can be intimidating, but we will do whatever it takes to make your experience great. Don’t believe us? Just give us a call and see for yourself!

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