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Ice Cold Beer remake features by Retro Arcade include:

  • Brand new cabinet and components but will look and play just like the original
  • Assembled in the upper Midwest USA
  • Completely redesigned operating systems using modern technology and eliminating many of the failure points of the original machines
  • Brilliant silk screened glass art
  • Proprietary FPGA board design to emulate exact original game play
  • Screw drives with powerful stepper motors replacing belt drives
  • Sensors on many holes to allow for expanded game plan
  • Designed from the ground up with technician input for easy maintenance and repair
  • Game upgrade abilities
  • Future competition play abilities
  • Coin door bill acceptor capable
  • Small floor space footprint
  • Original leaf spring joystick controllers

MSRP $5499.00


SKU: $5499
  • Price $5495 depsit of $1000 to hold game, final payment must be made within 3 days if game is in stock.

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