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Amazingearnings-100%Skillbasedplay-E-TicketReady-Winticketsbyaccumulatingpointsbeforethecannonsaredestroyed-8FootTallscreenmadeof65,00colorfulLED’s-Simultaneous2playeraction-AdvertisingOpportunityonthelargescreen-HighScoreTable-ThegamegoesgreatbacktobackwithWorld’sLargestPac-Man-CurrentsoftwaresupportsUSDollar,GBP,Euro,BRL,Yen&YuanNOTES ON HEIGHT- Normal assembly calls out the heightfor 117”.You can save 10” with no marquee topper,however, theassembly will require some clearance to lift upperquadrants of the display into place on cross tubes.If I had to put a numberon it, I’d say you’d want at least 4” of clearanceto do that. So 111” would likely be the clearanceheight for 107” assembled.While we call them 12” extensions tubes, I think theyactually take 11.5” off the height of the assembly.If the operator wants tooperate the game without those extensions, they likelyneed to add ~2ft of depth to the assembly as thesightlines to bottom ofthe screen will be compromised if they stick to 100”suggested minimum depth

Space Invaders Frenzy

SKU: $15496
  • Price $15495 depsit of $1000 to hold game, final payment must be made within 3 days when game is in stock.

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